Courses and Programmes


Training for Pastors and Church Leaders

This training is to equip Pastors and Church Leaders with Practical skills and knowledge in English, French, Mathematics and ICT to enable them function very well as workers in the Vineyard.


American National University

In Collaboration with All Star Academy Learning Centre (Columbus Ohio), Learn Fast Systems organises Internationally Recognised Degrees (Associate, Bachelors & Masters) with American National University in Ghana (Online or Virtual Classroom) and USA.


Biometric Training

Learn Fast Systems organises Certified Biomtetric Technologist course using a combination of Lab, Classroom, Online and Institional Field Visits to ensure indept understanding of the course. The course covers Bio Characteristics, Privacy & Security, Bio Standards & Applications, Access Control, etc

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About Learn Fast Systems (LFS)

LFS is a member of the Verified Group. the Verified Group comprises the Verified Agency Services, Verified E-Susu Services, Learn Fast Systems and the WISE Consult. LFS is the technology backbone of the Verified Group, providing cutting edge innovative solutions to the Businesses, Churches, Schools and the Soceity at large.

Cutting Edge Innovative Solutions

Technology Training


Software, Web and Mobile Apps Development


Biometric Solutions


Bulk SMS


Course Group

  • FEMI
  • French for Church Admin
  • English for Church Admin
  • Maths for Church Finances
  • ICT for Church Management
  • Call for Details
  • ANU
  • Cyber Security
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare Management
  • Medical Billing
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  • Biometrics
  • Bio Characteristics
  • Privacy and Security
  • Standards and Applications
  • Access Control
  • Call for Details

Contact Us

Awoshie (Anyaa) - Accra, Ghana

020 478 9493/4, (WhatsApp 020 478 9499)

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